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Thursday, 14 April 2016

MPT Forum Discussions

There are two different forums that have a thread dedicated to the MPT.  One is the BeThePro.com forum and the other is the Festool Owners Group (FOG).  You can check out the latest discussion and what MPT users are saying on either forum.  Here are the links to the latest discussion.

BeThePro MPT Thread

Festool Owners Group MPT Thread

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

MPT Accessory Plans Now Available!

A complete set of plans and instructions are now available for the MPT accessories!  This comprehensive package includes the tool tray, power block mount, dust hose arm, wheel brackets, riser jigs (for use with saw horses), sacrificial cutting strips, cross cut jig and cross cut jig extension wing.  This PDF package is 30 pages in total and includes a cut list, hardware list, hardware source list, 17 full-colour 3D drawings, and 8 pages of instructions on how to use the accessories, with high resolution photos.  The accessory package brings you the same high level of detail and complete information as the original MPT package making it quick and easy to build your own accessories.

There have also been additional features added to some of the accessories such as a height adjustable feature in the riser jigs, new dust hose connection hardware and a full length extension wing for the cross cut jig.  The MPT accessories add a lot of extra functionality and efficiency to the base MPT.  Click here to learn more about the MPT accessories.  Also, browse through the blog to see various accessories in action or click here to see the MPT accessory video.

To purchase the 30 page PDF package click on the PayPal link below.  As soon as I receive payment I will email the PDF file to the email address that is submitted.  If you don't receive an email within 24 hours please check your spam folder as some people have had this issue with their email server. Please respect copyright and do not share the file beyond your own use.  Thanks!

MPT Accessories - Drawings & Instruction Package
$15.00 CAD

Base MPT Drawings & Instruction Package
$25.00 CAD

For anyone that has never purchased MPT plans and would also like the accessory plans included, you can purchase them together at a bundled price.  This package contains the original 24 page PDF drawings and instruction package for the base MPT as well as the new 30 page accessory drawings and instruction package.  This complete package gives you all the information you need to build your own MPT and all of the accessories.

Base MPT & Accessories - Complete Drawings & Instruction Package
$35.00 CAD

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

MPT Video & New Channel

If you haven't seen the new MPT video yet be sure to check it out!  I explain what the MPT is all about and also show how it assembles from start to finish.

Also I have launched a new YouTube channel called "DP Shop Talk" which covers tool reviews, shop tips and how-to videos.  The MPT is featured in most of the videos as my main work surface so you can see it being used for all different purposes.  Click on the link below to visit the new channel!

DP Shop Talk Channel

You can also follow on Twitter or Facebook.  Click on either one to go to the page.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

User Reviews & Photos

This is a section for photos and reviews from MPT users who have built an MPT from the plans.  If you have completed your MPT and would like to have it featured here please send along some photos and a review to my email address.

Entry #1

The first entry comes from Mike who has completed two MPT's to suit his workflow.  He added some custom features on his MPT's including T-track for Festool clamp integration on one apron, a bracket to hold his tracksaw rails and some additional ribbing on the underside of the shelves to carry heavier loads.  Mike has put his MPT's to work right away and has sent some photos of them set up on site.  Thanks for the photos and review Mike and great job on your MPT's!

"Great design, Very well documented plans. Stable, functional, compact, and easily transported work tables. What more could you ask for. I expect them to last a very long time"  

-  Mike

First of two completed

Two MPT's together on site

Festool clamp integration

Entry #2

Here is the second entry for the MPT user section from Casey.  Casey is a carpenter and has been using his recently completed MPT for doing trim work on site.  He built his MPT following the plans exactly and it turned out great.  He used Danish oil to finish the MPT and it gave it a nice rich colour.  Thanks for the photos and review Casey, it looks great!  Below is a quote and some photos from Casey.

"Day 1 in the books for my MPT table and I love it! I’m using it here to plane down an edge for cased opening jambs. It’s great to be able to clamp it in this position for planing. I just wish I would have built this weeks ago before my current trim job started!"


Shiny new MPT!

MPT on site loaded with tools

MPT being used for edge planing

MPT being used to make door jambs

Entry #3

Here is the third entry for the MPT user section from Michael.  Michael made some modifications from the plans to suit his requirements including the size of the top and was able to make it from a 1/4 sheet of MDF.  He wasn't able to purchase the aluminum tubes for the legs where he lives so he improvised with some wooden legs which turned out great.  Michael is also the first entry to have some MPT accessories included in the build.  Great job Michael and thanks for the photos!  Below is a quote and some photos from Michael.

"Thanks so much for the plans for this table, I know it'll be an excellent addition to my shop."

- Michael 

MPT hard at work in the shop

MPT with cutting strips

Dust hose arm accessory

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Rolling MPT

The latest accessory that I have just designed and built for the MPT is a set of wheels to make the MPT easily mobile around the shop or your work space on site.  The wheels sit just above the floor so that the feet of the MPT still sit solidly on the ground.  To move the MPT, you simply lift the opposite end which tilts the weight onto the wheels and it allows you to easily roll the MPT.  The wheel brackets are quickly and easily installed or removed as needed.  I have recently set up a new shop and the MPT plays a central role in it.  With object mobility being an important part of the new shop design, the new wheels on the MPT are a vital accessory.  I am going to be producing a complete set of plans and instructions for all of the accessories to date in the near future for anyone that is interested in purchasing them.

MPT with New Wheels
Wheel Bracket

Sunday, 11 October 2015

MPT on Finish Work

I was recently trimming out an entire house renovation and the MPT served as my work centre.  The MPT allowed me to assemble all of my build-outs, Boston header mitered returns etc. on a stable and comfortable work surface.  Also, in lower light conditions the attachment on the dust arm for my Bosch FL12's works great for adding some extra work light.  Being able to easily clamp down the sills to jigsaw and rout them was very convenient.  I find the lower shelf to be indispensable as a convenient place to have the tools I am currently using close at hand.  Dust extraction is a must for me in many of the spaces that I work in and having the dust hose arm to take the weight of the hose makes things much easier.  Another upside to using a work table that you built yourself versus a commercially made one is you get a lot of comments and interest from both clients and other trades.

Assembling Build-outs

Routing the Sills
Extra Light from FL12's

Cutting the Horns

Monday, 27 April 2015

MPT On Site

I recently used the MPT on site to do a kitchen renovation job.  Having a solid, versatile and efficient work table to use while working in a clients home is essential.  Also, using a work table that you built yourself is a great additional example of your work to clients.  Here are a few photos of it set up and in use.

The versatility and efficiency of clamping to the MPT works perfect for drilling pocket holes in workpieces.  Also the shelf below is a perfect place to keep drill cases close at hand while working.

The MPT allows gable panels to be solidly clamped in place for a precise cut to a scribe line.  The working height of 37 1/2" makes it very ergonomic as well to minimize back and neck strain.

Using a circular saw and a cross cut jig the MPT makes a great cross cut station.  The dust hose arm accessory also takes the weight off the hose and keeps it out of the way.  Again the shelf below keeps tools and fasteners close at hand.  The rubber feet on the MPT also prevent damage to the clients flooring.